Sol Lui


CLASSIFICATION: white wine with vintage.

YEAR: 2022

GRAPE VARIETIES: Sauvignon Blanc and blend of Piedmontese white grape varieties.

VINIFICATION: traditional white vinification with pre-fermentation cryomaceration, alcoholic fermentation in thermo-controlled steel tanks, followed by a period of aging in contact with yeasts.

BEST CONSUMPTION PERIOD: excellent in early years.


APPAREANCE: pale straw yellow.

NOSE: harmonious, pleasantly fruity with hints of aromatic herbs.

PALATE: full, soft with delicate vegetal notes.

GASTRONOMIC ACCOMPANIMENTS: excellent throughout the meal but particularly similar to fish and vegetable disches.


“Solui”, a new wine, created with Sauvignon grapes and a blend of white Piedmontese grapes (strictly 100% La Scolca grapes), a solo wine among the Gavi La Scolca, a different wine but in line with the style of its excellent Gavi always and forever core business of La Scolca for 100 years. A wine to look to the future, but with the solidity that 100 years of history give to the family brand, with an innovative and contemporary approach without ever losing contact and bond with the soil and with one’s own land. A wine with the courage to dare, which represents a great exception, to communicate once again the futuristic projection of the brand, which captures with positivity without ever stopping even in the most difficult times, great changes in the world and brings them into the world of wine. without compromise and without fear. This new wine is a tribute by Chiara Soldati to her mother Luisa both in the name (So Lui) and in the bottle: it is in fact hers the handwriting of her initials ‘Solui’ which was imprinted on the label. Luisa Soldati an example of a modern woman, a great example of sensitivity and cultural richness, an example of solidity and determination to which her daughter wanted to pay homage to this rich, velvety but decisive wine. A wine in the words of Chiara “who gives wings to fly” the same ones that her mother gave her to reach great and ambitious goals. The fourth generation, represented by Chiara Soldati, celebrates the past, the origins, the family, but looks to the future, to the fifth generation, to new challenges and new scenarios.

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