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CLASSIFICATION: Gavi D.O.C.G. – Dry white wine.

GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Cortese.

YIELD: Less than 70 q./ha, according to the vintage.

PRODUCTION ZONE: High hills of Rovereto Superiore di Gavi.

VINIFICATION: Strictly traditional, ancient methods.

AVAILABILITY: End of April/May.

BEST CONSUMPTION PERIOD: Excellent in its first few years,it retains its characteristics very well in time.


APPEARANCE: Pale straw, with delicate greenish highlights.

NOSE: Intense, long, continuous, persistent, from fruited to flowery to stage of development.

PALATE: Highly typical, flinty accents; almonds and hazelnut in the finale.

GASTRONOMIC ACCOMPANIMENTS: Excellent with any meal; also for the usual pairings with white wines (fish, shellfish and seafood), well paired with white meats, fowl and light meats. Also ideal as aperitif and after dinner.


This prestigious “Gavi dei Gavi® – La Scolca” is obtained with the utmost respect for nature, from pruning to harvesting. With a strict and rigorous selection conducted with the utmost care, cluster by cluster, in vineyards over sixty years of age, we get “unique” grapes.
Then in the winery, under watchful guidance of a master expert, applying the ancient rules of vinification, refined over eighty years of family tradition, an unsurpassed style of Gavi is born, a paragon of reference.
The maximum procurable in quality as manifested by fragrance and flavour of live, intense character, harmonious and balanced, offers a surprising freshness and integrity, Notes of flint, almond and hazelnut will develop in the course of time, which does wonders.

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