La Scolca D’Antan


CLASSIFICATION: Obtained Gavi D.O.C.G. grapes – Dry white wine.

YEAR: 2009

GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Cortese.

YIELD: Less than 50 q./ha, depending on the vintage.

PRODUCTION ZONE: High hill slopes of Rovereto Superiore of Gavi.

VINIFICATION: Strictly traditional, using ancient methods. manuals and handicrafts.

BEST CONSUMPTION PERIOD: At any time. Excellent in its first few years,it retains its characteristics very well with time.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: Not less than 12 °C.

APPEARANCE: Light straw color, with delicate greenish hints

NOSE: Intense, long, continuous, lasting, with flavours varying from fruitiness to florality depending on its stage of evolution.

PALATE: Strongly typical of Gavi; flinty, with walnut and toasted almond on the finish.

GASTRONOMIC ACCOMPANIMENTS:  Excellent right through a meal, after meal and also for “meditation”.


Only in the best years, only from the best grapes, made this prestigious Gavi DOCG “Gavi dei Gavi – La Scolca®” that, after having aged up to 10 years in our cellar, arrive at the bottle in a unmistakable intensity and nobility of feelings that only the time can give to the “Great Wines”.

Rare wine, which must be drunk slowly, thanking to the time that made it so special and so unique, meditating on the extraordinary feelings that, like in the Proust’s “Recherche”, remember the tastes of distant and ancient memories, like ancient are the techniques with which, with patience, this wine is made.
In fact only the slowness, the respectful await, the long experience and the patient art, learn in eighty years of wine making, allows to give this intense harmony of perfumes and tastes, where power and fineness join in one splendid equilibrium, brings us again to the nature and to the feelings of D’Antan®.

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