Villa Scolca


CLASSIFICATION: Gavi D.O.C.G. – Dry white wine.

GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Cortese.

YIELD: Less than 80 q./ha.

PRODUCTION ZONE: High hills of Rovereto Superiore di Gavi.

VINIFICATION: Traditional, with temperature control.

AVAILABILITY: February/March.

BEST CONSUMPTION PERIOD: At any time without problems of duration.


Appearance: Light straw color, with delicate light green flecks.

NOSE: Typical of Gavi, fine, pleasently fresh.

PALATE: Characteristic of Gavi, rich, marked out by an attractive lightly delicate, floral.

GASTRONOMIC ACCOMPANIMENTS: As well as the more classical accompaniments, can also be drunk throughout a meal.


Villa Scolca is produced by using grapes of 15-20 vineyards years old. This “Great Wine” distinguishes itself for an exclusive and refined roundness of the body and of the structure.

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