Il Valentino


CLASSIFICATION: Gavi D.O.C.G. wine – Dry white


YIELD: approximately 85 q./ha

PRODUCTION ZONE: High hills of Rovereto Superiore di Gavi

VINIFICATION: Traditional, with temperature control

AVAILABILITY: First half of February

BEST CONSUMPTION PERIOD: At any time without problems of duration

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 12 – 14 °C. (54-57 °F)

Appearance: Light straw

NOSE: Typical of Gavi, fine, pleasently fresh

PALATE: Delicate, dry, well-formed, rich in body, long

GASTRONOMIC ACCOMPANIMENTS: Specially indicated for drinking throughout a meal with light dishes


From the old name of one of our properties, located in the heart of Rovereto of Gavi, formerly owned by a famous General of the Kingdom of Savoy, come this wine which joins the perfumed fragrance and intense savour to a lightness that leads itsel to distrubution for every table. The light taste, but rich of body, highly typical and characterized fits it for informal and youthful consumption while maintaining the traditional and undisputed quality guaranteed by our wineries.

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